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To increase brand awareness of Stoli Elit by means of social media platforms, event sponsorship and custom promotion items

2,500 Instagram "Likes"
4,100 Twitter Impressions
3,960 people reached on Facebook
16,000 impressions on LinkedIn


Consumer Engagement
To bring the ultra-luxury experience of Stoli Elit Vodka to consumers we began by implementing the "Stoli Elit Sampling Program" to teach our Brand Ambassadors the foundation of the perfect Elit cocktail. Our Brand Ambassadors were primed and ready to showcase Elit in their Stoli cocktail attire and branded mixing kits. BARetc was the only agency executing tasting in Texas and our DFW Brand Ambassadors landed us among the top five selling markets in the nation at the end of the Stoli Elit Program

Brand Activation
Encompassing the high-end feel of Stoli Elit was a key proponent to BARetc success. We chose to initiate first-encounters of Elit in On-Premise events, such as Boxing at the Ballroom. At events our Brand Ambassadors and Event Managers promote Stoli Elit by being expert cocktail mixers, wearing Stoli designed cocktail attire and hosting giveaways with customized Stoli merchandise. 
Digital Reinforcement
We decided to extend the consumer experience of Stoli Elit into the social media realm via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.Stoli Elit was able to reach over 26,000 potentials in the first quarter alone on behalf of BARetc
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